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INSERM UMR 1063 : Stress oxydant et pathologies métaboliques (SOPAM)

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    Welcome on the site of the oxidative stress and metabolic pathologies laboratory (SOPAM)

    Inserm 1063 medical research unit – Angers  University is a section of the Angers - Health biology institute which is itself a division of the cellular interactions and therapeutic applications  Federative Research Structure (FRS).
    28 persons work in the laboratory among which 17 statutory research workers.

    The projects that are being developed in the 1063 unit  cover the whole range of the living world (from molecule to whole animal) with pluridisciplinary approaches  (pharmacology, physiology,cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry).

    The scientific project focuses on translational sets of themes which deal with oxidative stress in metabolic pathologies with a particular interest in extracellular vesicles.


    Institut de biologie santé
    3rd floor
    University hospital
    4 Rue Larrey
    49933 Angers Cedex 9

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