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INSERM UMR 1063 : Stress oxydant et pathologies métaboliques (SOPAM)

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    Therapeutic strategies to fight against metabolic dysfunctions

    Therapeutic strategies to fight against metabolic dysfunctions

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    Therapeutic strategies to fight against metabolic dysfunctions: EVs and nutritional approaches.

    EVs will be engineered to over-express different therapeutic players (proteins, mRNA or miRNA) by driving the synthesis of the relevant EV-producing cells. A goal will be the selection of specific EV subsets to assess their therapeutic potential in proof-of-concept analyses.

    We will investigate an optimization of the impact of nutrients from carrot, apple and red wine polyphenol compounds against metabolic diseases. This will be addressed in an integrative manner with regard to the impact of plant genetic variability, culture conditions and conservations on different cells of interest (vascular, adipocytes and hepatocytes) and in experimental models of insulin resistance and obesity. The goal will be to guide the management of production to an optimized composition of nutrients beneficial to fight against diseases with metabolic dysfunctions in terms of “nutrient baskets”.