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INSERM UMR 1063 : Stress oxydant et pathologies métaboliques (SOPAM)

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    Molecular biology

    Molecular biology

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    The laboratory controls genotyping techniques and quantitative RT-PCR.


    •      Imager Chemistart 5000 Vibert Lourmat
    •      UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Nanodrop ND-1000, Thermo Fischer
    •      96-well plate reader Mithras LB940, Berthold
    •      CFX 96 thermocycler, Biorad
    •      Thermocycler PTC-200, MJ Research
    •      Thermocycler PTC-100, MJ Research
    •      Thermocycler iCycler, Biorad
    •      MJ Mini thermocycler, Biorad
    •      Light Cycler capillaries, Roche
    •      Thermocycler, My Cycler, Biorad

    Person in charge

    Patricia Mallegol (patricia.mallegol @ univ-angers.fr)